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Since EGYCARBON foundation in 1966, EGYCARBON has consistently made pursuits in the field of carbon graphite and has been committed to supplying higher quality products.

We have also contributed to the development of the industry in the Middle East. Today our company is highly praised and trusted as high-quality precision spare parts for heavy duty machines in various industries.

Although synthetic carbon graphite is a material that has existed through the ages, EGYCARBON has been there from the very beginning of this industry worldwide.

In order to fulfil our corporate responsibilities, even during tumultuous times, we will continue to develop outstanding human resources and maintain harmony with society and the environment.

From the bottom of our hearts, we sincerely appreciate your continued patronage and support for the long-lasting development of our company.

We are proud of our hard work! Have a look.

About us

EGYCARBON was established in1966, Since then EGYCARBON has consistently made pursuits in the field of carbon graphite and has been committed to supplying higher quality products.

Our Vision

The company seeks to be the carbon industry pivot in egypt and Middle East.

Our Mission

We strive to make carbon and graphite spare parts with minimal delivery time, best quality and optimum costs to many industries in Egypt and Middle East.


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      As the leading graphite and carbon products manufacturer in the Middle East, Egycarbon was established 50 years ago to supply high quality graphite materials and machined parts (molds, carbon seals, carbon blades, etc), carbon brushes, etc.

    • Why Us

      Our products are widely used in many different fields, such as machinery, electrical furnace, etc.

      Our price, quality, service and delivery are all very competitive and are popular among customers all over our region.

    • Our current work

      EGYCARBON has the biggest share in the Carbon / Graphite products in Egyptian local market.

      We have already exported Carbon / Graphite products to Many countries.

      We currently seek to dominate the local market in Carbon / Graphite products and export to all Middle East and European countries.


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